Northrop Shellduck Radioplane

Technical Data

Length: 3.85m/ 12ft 8in
Height: 0.76m/ 2ft 6in
Wing Span: 3.5m/ 11ft 6in
Service Ceiling: 7000m/ 23,000ft

Max Speed: 230 knots / 200 mph
Max Weight:
Seating Capacity:

Our Aircraft

Design of the drone was started in 1946 and the prototype first flew in 1947. Since then more than 55,000 of this type were built and used by the Armed Forces of many countries, including the Royal Navy and Royal Artillery. It was used for ground-to-air gunnery practice as well as a surface-to-air training target for Seacat, Blowpipe, Sidewinder and other missiles. In use the KD2R5 was ground-launched from a zero-length launcher using a single rear-mounted M3 JATO rocket.

The aircraft was radio-controlled, being tracked either visually or by radar enhancement devices in its wingtips that generated the radar signature of a larger aircraft. At the end of the mission it was recovered by a radio-released parachute stored in the fuselage which deployed automatically following loss of radio contact. The aluminium alloy body was easily repaired if damaged by gunfire.

Type History
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