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Birthday Parties at The Bournemouth Aviation Museum

Our comprehensive package is:

1. Entry fees £5.00 per person – children and supervising adults.

2. Optional – Gift vouchers which are redeemable in the museum’s shop within twelve months. Minimum £3.00 but can be up to any chosen value. We will include also, a free boarding pass for each child to visit the museum at some other time. Helpful for any children who cannot attend the party.

3. All or a selection of the above can be included on a single account for settlement in the museum’s shop. Therefore, you can budget for virtually everything except the cake.

Please note:

* Prices given are accurate but may be subject to change and will be confirmed at the time of booking.
*Museum Boarding cards cannot be used with group bookings.

  • There is no longer an option to use the party bus as it has been sold! We have purchased a replacement bus but it will not be ready for public use for several months. Also we no longer have an agreement with Dominoes for pizza deliveries.

Birthday Parties Application Form

Please complete the Birthday Party Application Form below and Submit Application.

You can also download a word processor friendly copy of the Birthday Party Application Form here.

You can e-mail the completed form to:

We will then check the requested date and confirm to you by e-mail that the visit on the requested date is approved. If there are any problems we will phone the Contact Person below to discuss alternatives.

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