Air-Command 582 Girocopter

Technical Data

Wing Span:
Service Ceiling:

Max Speed:
Max Weight:
Seating Capacity:

Our Aircraft

This Air Command 582 APK Gyrocopter was built by a Belgian owner in the late 1990’s and he flew it from an airfield near Arras in France. Later it was moved the Belgium for storage until sold to a new owner in Kings Lynn in the spring of 2019. However, it then remained unused until it was bought by the museum in June 2020.


Type History

The Air Command APK auto-gyro was designed as a single seater autogyro in the early 1980’s for construction by amateur pilots. Built to fly kits were produced from 1984 and it was estimated that it would take 40 hours to complete assembly. Various engines could be used with many powered by a Rotax two-stroke and the auto-gyro model number depended on which Rotax engine was used. The designers Air Command of Texas later produced a tandem seat version.

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