Volunteer at Bournemouth Aviation Museum – shopkeepers and stewards needed

As a self-supporting charity, the museum is always looking for help. Whether you are an aviation enthusiast or not the likelihood is that you have some skills that could be beneficial to our operations. Many of our volunteers are retired and are looking for something to occupy some of their time. We have a variety of roles available and you can choose how much time or which days you want to help out.

Reception/Shop: You will be in charge of the visitor reception point. This is the first point of contact for our visitors when they enter the museum so its a great way for you to interact with them and all the other volunteers. You will also manage the small shop area we have where visitors can purchase items from the displays. You don’t need an aviation background for this role as its purely about meeting people and informing them about our museum.

Steward: An essential part of our activity is helping the visitors whilst they are going around the museum and informing them about the exhibits we have. It’s a great way to meet people from all walks of life and have really interesting conversations.  As a Steward you will also be responsible for opening/closing the museum at the start/end of the day and you will receive full training.

Practical help with exhibits: you may wish to provide hands-on practical help with our conservation projects, which is an essential part of what we do. Our site is mostly open air and many of our exhibits are exposed to the elements, which means they need continuous care and attention. Anyone, with even the most basic engineering/carpentry/painting skills, can be of enormous help. It’s great fun and really satisfying to be able to keep these vintage aircraft in tip-top condition and to see the joy that our visitors of all ages get from the results of your work.

Give it a try, you may be very pleasantly surprised and you will certainly get great satisfaction from what you achieve and of course you will get full training on which ever role you decide on. If you are interested then please come in and have a look round and chat to some of the current volunteers or you can e-mail us at enquiries@bamhurn.org


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