Renovation of the Hawker Hunter nears completion.

The Hawker Hunter has been under renovation for the past two years by two of the Museum volunteers Jim Dunsmore and Alan Young. It’s been a long hard road for them considering the size of the aircraft, but one born of a love for this aircraft and an ambition to return it to the colour scheme of the famous 1950’s Black Arrows.

The aircraft has been completely paint-stripped, repaired where necessary, then primer coated and two top coats of special black paint. It is now being finished off with a coat of a protection polish to guard against the British weather. This work is almost completed, which just leaves the best part – that of applying the new decals to the aircraft and then it really will be gleaming in the sunshine!

All credit to Jim and Alan for persevering with this project through all of the travails of lockdown, they have done a fantastic job. So if you see them working on it, have a chat to them about the project and find out more about the Hawker Hunter.

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